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you cant stop me dancing

could this be real?

2009-05-13 12:04:26 by gostgamer

looks real but it also looks fake 2183854


2009-03-20 12:30:43 by gostgamer

you looked in profile HUHA.


2008-12-23 09:58:13 by gostgamer

Why can't you just smile.

another one

2007-10-10 18:04:52 by gostgamer

you got to be kidding me


2007-09-27 19:25:13 by gostgamer

why aren't you guys playing halo 3

bruce lee is not dead

2007-09-23 11:21:05 by gostgamer

Have forgoten about round 2.

bruce lee is not dead

lol adolf

2007-08-12 23:05:38 by gostgamer

i just found out one of my great uncle's middle name was adolf.

not hitler.

im gonig under cover

2007-08-05 00:41:22 by gostgamer

i singed up for a ebaum's worldn accout to do investagative stuff such as the ddos ttack they my want vengence for that or future raids.


2007-08-01 22:25:10 by gostgamer

oh hi i was spaming your bbs.